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Aston ® Leverless Center Post Tire Changer Combo Fully Automatic T6-3022

Aston ® Leverless Center Post Tire Changer Combo Fully Automatic T6-3022

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Aston ® Leverless Center Post Tire Changer Combo Fully Automatic T6-3022

Aston Fully Automatic Tire Changer Leverless Center Post 4.0HP w/Bead Blaster


  • The Aston ATC-T6 is a fully automatic tire changer and has an electric power system that turns off automatically when the operation is completed. The ATC-T6 is safe, efficient, and easy to operate no matter what your experience level is.
  • This model has two switches that control the central column; up and down, working head forward and backward, disc wheel up and down, and disc wheel forward and backward. This makes the machine easy and comfortable to control.
  • The Aston ATC-T6 is now equipped with a 12-inch display screen that shows the underside of the wheel when changing the tire. This new feature improves operator safety, increases efficiency, and reduces damage risk.
  • New Central Post Integration 2.0 Technology. This new hydraulic system improves stability, makes the machine super easier to control, and is more efficient. The double-disc wheel can lift and press tires and this operation is fully automatic which avoids touching or controlling tires by hand.
  • New Central Column Integration 2.0 Technology also ensures a longer service life.
  • The new and improved simple structured tire lifting system makes the Aston ATC-T6 more stable, super easier to operate, and allows you to work cohesively with the machine.
  • The new power hydraulic system works simultaneously with the electric system. This provides a longer service life and is more stable and reliable than pneumatic systems.
  • With Bead Blaster


Model ATC-T6
Rim Diameter 12"~ 30"
Maximum Tire Diameter 39"/1000mm
Maximum Wheel Width 3"~ 16"
Operating Air Pressure 10bar~ 13bar
Maximum Charge Pressure 3.5bar(50psi)
Voltage 110v 1ph
Hydraulic Motor 2.2kw (***Motor 4.0HP***)
Max Flow of Oil for Hydraulic Motor 315
Noise Level <70dB(A)
Net Weight 735 lbs. (333kg)
Shipping Weight 815 lbs. (370kg)
Shipping Dimension 54"x36"x60"(1360x900x1500mm)

 Aston 3D Wheel Balancer Fully Automatic Magnetic Levitation State of the Art 

* No motor no belt system! 

* Superior Accuracy! 

* Self-Calibration

* Visual Laser Light Point Position

* Touch Screen LCD Monitor

* Complete with wheel guard

* Static and Dynamic Balancing

*Truck/Motorcycle Adapter: Optional

Model AWB-139MLT
Features 3D Fully Automatic Magnetic Levitation/LCD Touch Screen/Laser/hood


Rim Diameter 10″-32″ (254mm~813mm)
Tire Width 1.5″-20″ (38mm~508mm)
Max Tire Diameter 39″ (980mm)
Power 0.25kw
Voltage 110V 60hz or 220V 60hz
Balancing speed ≤200rpm
Balancing time 7S
Balancing accuracy 1g
8 Balancing modes DYN, ALU1, ALU2, ALU3, ALU4, ALU5, ALUS, ST
Max tire weight 165 lbs. (75kg)
Net weight 285 lbs. (129kg)
Gross weight 342 lbs. (155kg)
Sound pressure level <70db
Temperature 32°F -113°F(0℃-45℃)
Packing size 44″x32″x48″(1118x813x1220mm)
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