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Combo motorcycle swivel hitch with 1 7/8″ coupler

Combo motorcycle swivel hitch with 1 7/8″ coupler

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About this item:

Our Swivel Hitch is designed to provide a full range of side-to-side motion present in a motorcycle ball-and-socket coupling. (standard ball coupler allows movement of about 20 degrees which is okay for most applications depending upon your bike), for the most cornering angle and guaranteed no twist on hitch when bike is on side stand, swivel coupler is a good accessory, one end of the coupler bolts on one end of our 2 inch tubing trailer tongue, and the other end of the coupler bolts to the 1 7/8 ball hitch coupler, adding the Swivel Coupler adds 4 inches to the total length of the trailer tongue.

Our swivel hitch gives you the peace of mind needed while carrying a trailer behind your motorcycle. Leaning into a turn is a necessary (and fun) part of riding a motorcycle. Sadly, when towing a trailer, traditional couplers do not allow the appreciable lean needed in a turn, which can cause flipping, binding, or jack-knifing. To help avoid these potentially deadly situations, industry insiders  strongly advise the use of a swivel coupler, and we agree.

Our swivel hitch provides a 360 degree swivel that gives your bike the ability to lean on turns, and provides an element of safety and performance. The swivel hitch coupler is constructed of steel, has a high tensile steel rod and has a black finish.

* Includes both swivel and coupler:

Note: This fits a tongue with an inside measurement of at least 2 1/8″ x 1 9/16″. Before purchasing, please review the 2nd photo and ensure that this product will mount inside the tongue of your trailer.

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