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Forward lift 13,000 lb capacity mobile column sets

Forward lift 13,000 lb capacity mobile column sets

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FCHW13 Mobile Column Lift Features:

Forward’s FCHW13 Mobile Column Lifting System is for a forward thinker who doesn’t want to tie up space in their workshop with a permanent lift structure. Battery operated with the internal charger you plug these lifts into any standard 110-volt receptacle and it’ll charge the DC batteries inside. Once the charge is full there’s no clutter of power cords in the service bay and you can move them to any bay you choose. Integrated fork pockets let you pick up the lift if you need to move it outside, otherwise, you can freely move the lift yourself with an automatic steering system. Just move the handle down, no need to pump the jacks up to move the column.

Mobile Column Capacity:

  • 26,000 lbs. capacity (Two Columns)
  • 52,000 lbs. capacity (Four Columns)
  • 78,000 lbs. capacity (Six Columns)

Additional Features:

  • Wired or Wireless Configuration
  • Pallet Jack Style Steering System
  • Quick connect cables
  • Battery operated with full internal charger
  • Multiple locking positions
  • Usable on any concrete surface
  • Easy to move adjustable forks
  • ALI Certified
  • Includes Batteries
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