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HDSO14AX alignment combo kit

HDSO14AX alignment combo kit

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HDSO14AX (5175153) QTY 1

14,000-lb. Capacity / Open-Front Alignment Lift / Extended / Includes Turnplates and Slip Plates

The HDSO14AX is an open-front, 14,000-lb. capacity alignment lift. The “open” design makes it easier to access the front turn plates and undercarriage, and features front turn plates and rear slip plates built right into the runways. Wheels respond to adjustments with no resistance.

3DP4100R (5140101) QTY 1

Target 3D Pro Imaging Aligner (Complete) INCLUDES SET-UP & TRAINING

The Target 3DPro™ is one of the fastest and most accurate wheel alignment systems in the industry, thanks to advanced imaging technology that delivers fast, accurate alignments. A graphic display is used along with high-definition cameras to provide visual and directional assistance.

RBJ7000 (5175986) QTY 2

7,000-lb. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack

This 7,000-lb. capacity rolling bridge jack is made for an HD-14 four-post lift. Each rolling jack comes complete with three safety-lock positions and stackable pad adapters to provide added clearance when needed.

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