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Ideal FR-55 Scissor Frame Rack

Ideal FR-55 Scissor Frame Rack

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About this item:

The fr-55 scissor frame rack is a compact European style scissor lift and frame rack known for its versatility. With 5,500lbs of lifting capacity the FR-55 is suitable for passenger cars and pickup trucks. A lowered height of 4 ¾” makes the FR-55 a true driver over rack and the compact design allows the bay to be used as a flat bay in addition to lifting and pulling. The compact design, flexibility and economical pricing make the FR-55 a solid investment for increased bay revenue.


  • Scissor Style Operation with 5,500lbs. Capacity
  • Simple Console Operation for Raising and Lowering
  • Universal Anchoring System with Adjustable Height Pinch Weld Assemblies
  • One – 10 Ton Pulling Tower with Down Pull Roller
  • Quick Disconnect Hydraulic Fittings
  • One – 10′ Pulling Chains with Hook
  • High Quality Air/Hydraulic Pump with Pressure Gauge
  • Universal Wheel Stands
  • Powder Coat Finish



Overlength Length 123 5/8″
Overlength Length with Pulling Tower 174 1/4″
Deck Width 37″
Lowered Height 4 3/4″
Raised Height 63″
Tower Pulling Force 10 Ton
Hydraulic Pressure 10,000 PSI
Required Air Pressure 100 – 120 PSI
Lifting Capacity 5,500 lbs.
Power Requirements 220VAC / 20A / Single Phase
Shipping Weight 3,105lbs.
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